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3 Reasons Why Vaping is Better Than Smoking

These days, more and more people choose e-cigarettes rather than conventional ones. It is widely acknowledged that vaping is significantly safer in comparison to smoking, regarding both smokers and people around them.  Although some people are not convinced that e-cigarettes are better than conventional cigarettes and underestimate the modern way of smoking, below are the top reasons that you should know to shut down haters.

No Yellow Teeth

It is known that conventional cigarettes not only put our internal organs at risk of severe health issues but also have an adverse effect on our smile. Conventional cigarettes contain toxic chemicals that lead to stains on your teeth. Worse still, these stains cannot be cleaned easily. In contrast, if you smoke e-cigarettes, you will not have any stains. In other words, you do not need to visit dentists too often due to smoking reasons.

No Second-Hand Smoke Exposure

It is obvious that vaping is more efficient with regard to second-hand smoke. E-cigarettes do not release anything from the drip tips, as opposed to a significant amount of smoke that conventional cigarettes give off. Therefore, the modern way of smoking does not put people around smokers at risk of serious health issues including respiratory problems like lung cancer. This is why vaping is socially acceptable. In addition, it is probable that some areas which often ban smoking may let you vape. Of course, you should ask the staff in advance.


Research has revealed that for the most part, e-cigarettes are considerably less harmful to the human body. Vaping does not harm the lungs and our respiratory system.

It is estimated that conventional cigarettes contain 70 carcinogens, as opposed to vapes that contain only nicotine, propylene glycol and food flavorings. Therefore, vaping can reduce the potential of cancers, especially lung cancer. Some people contend that cigarette producers add a number of chemical additives in an attempt to not only vary the flavor but also make the nicotine more addictive. This leads to the fact that people find it challenging to give up smoking before realizing serious health hazards it can bring.

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