Age Verification

One of the benefits of being an adult is the ability to purchase certain products that are off limits to under eighteens. Here in the UK, it is a legal requirement that customers must be at least eighteen years of age to purchase e-liquids and E-cigarettes and their related products.

While proving your identity when buying e-liquids in your local shop is straightforward, only requiring you to display a valid Photo ID to confirm that you are of age, stocking up on your favourite e-liquids over the internet requires a slightly different process. This is where age verification is used.

What is Age Verification?

Age verification is the term given where a Website like sells E-liquids or Electronic Cigarettes has to adhere to the legal requirement to confirm that customers that are purchasing products from our website are of the legal required age.

Why Is It the Law?

Age verifying is the law to protect both parties – it protects the online seller by ensuring no products are sold to anybody underage, and it protects the customers by eliminating the chance of children under 18 receiving goods they’d not be able to buy over the counter.

Just as a shopkeepers can be prosecuted for selling restricted products to minors, online websites can face serious consequences of illegally selling to anybody underage. 

How does Nasty Juice Verify your age?

When your placing your order with Nasty Juice, and after making the payment, a pop up box will appear from a company called 1account. The pop up box will request for your full name, billing address and date of birth. This must be entered correctly exactly how it would appear on your drivers license, Passport or electoral roll as we will use it to verify your age before delivering your order.

As mentioned you will consent to allow 1account to retain data for the purpose of all future verifications. All data that is processed by 1account is subject to security measures and Data retained by 1account is subject to periodic review.

You can find information about 1account and how they use your personal data by visiting their website

How does it work whilst placing an order?

If you are a existing customer that has never done Age Verification with us, or placing your first order with Nasty Juice, or have decided to use a different email address to what is already registered to your account, then the 1Account Age Verification will display a pop-up at the Order confirmation page, asking you to verify your age. This will automatically check your age against the information provided. If 1Account are able to verify your age, no further action is required and you will no longer need to verify thereafter.

What happens if Age Verification fails?

If the Age Verification fails you will be given the option to verify your age via the following methods:

  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Credit Card
  • Electro Roll
  • Citizens Card

If you are unable to still verify yourself please take a picture of your drivers license or Passport and send to [email protected] please note if you are sending ID on the weekend this will not be confirmed until Monday morning.

Age Verification ID Submission Form

Please use this form if you have been unable to verify yourself at the time of Checking out. please fill out the details below take a pic of your ID and upload it. If you have any question please email or call us.