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A Guide To Vaping

Vaping has become a very popular pastime of the last few years for many reasons. A lot of people use this as an alternative to smoking but it is also become something of a social experience for many. It has become a revelation for those wanting to reduce their nicotine consumption and to avoid the expense that comes with a regular smoking habit.

If you have decided to take up vaping you will need a kit to get you started. This will consist primarily of an E-cigarette and some E-liquid, of which there is a lot of choice in an ever increasing market. So here are a few things to consider when choosing your new vaping fluid

Choosing the right formula

If you are new to vaping, you need to consider the formula and strength of your E-liquid. The bottle will measure in milligrams and will determine how much nicotine is present in each millilitre of your E-liquid.  This means you can tailor your nicotine consumption to your needs, the more cigarettes you smoked, the higher your milligrams will be. But it also means you can reduce your does over time if you want. It is best to start your E-liquid at an adequate level so that you are not faced with an overly strong dose and instead take your time to get the perfect blend.

Where to buy

However you decide to buy your E-liquid, whether it is from the high street or online, make sure it is from a reputable and trusted source. If buying in store, make sure the staff are knowledgeable of the product and, though they might be tempting, try and avoid bargain basement shops that may use inferior ingredients. If buying online, make sure it’s a legitimate website and look for reviews from previous customers to attain the quality of the E-liquid.

Experiment with flavours

The rise and popularity of Vaping and in turn, E-liquids means there are a variety of flavours and concoctions available. The majority of flavouring used in E-liquids are perfectly safe (just be careful when it comes to some of the oil-based versions) so you can have a little fun with your tastes and try a mixture of blends. You could even try special addition E-liquids to see you through the changing seasons from pumpkin pie to Christmas spice.

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