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Three Situations Where People Enjoy Vaping

Vaping was originally created as an alternative to smoking, to help people control the amount of nicotine they were consuming. It has now become something of a phenomenon with e-cigarette shops on every high street and a multitude of variations and flavours.

It is also become a social pastime for many, bolstered by celebrity seal of approval from the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio who even vaped during an awards ceremony. Here are just three situations where people find the vape to be great.

To help relax/reduce anxiety

While people used to take a cigarette break from work, it might provide temporary stress relief, but the act of vaping allows a time out with a more calming effect. The ritual of vaping can provide comfort and form an almost meditative state for the user. It can also help the person relieve some anxiety by giving them something to focus on and alleviate the compulsion to fidget whilst in a potentially awkward social situation.

Outdoors Activities

The act of smoking never lent itself well to outdoor pursuits, causing shortness of breath and trying to keep your cigarette alight in certain weather. But with vaping, people can enjoy a leisurely stroll whilst gently puffing on their e-cigarette of choice. People even take them on longer hikes, to provide relief and a rest between a long trek. Just bear in mind if you are on a walking trail with lots of people that you don’t send your vape induced cloud straight into their direction.

In competitive situations

Vaping has now even spawned its own sport – cloud chasing, where people compete to create the biggest and most impressive puffs from their vape. The pastime has even created its own set of fans known as ‘Star Chasers’ and as vaping has become more popular, so has this sport grown. Cloud chasing has produced all the hallmarks of a fully-fledged recognised sport with sponsors, teams and those taking part able to win money for their billowing formations. It also has the social media appeal with Instagram awash with Cloud Chasing related tags, photos and videos.

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