Vape Hacks

Every vaper wants to know how to maintain their device, especially when you’re out and about. If you’re a beginner or you’ve been vaping for a while and you’re a bit of a pro. Then you’ll find top vape hacks in this guide.  From fixing a stuck tank you just can’t unscrew to quickly getting rid of vaper’s tongue.   

Unscrew Your Tank – Rubber Bands

Using a rubber band to open and unscrew your tank is a quick and effective way. You might find your tank is stuck, this is due to e-liquid leakage that dries and makes the threading jammed. The best thing to do is wrap a rubber band around the jammed piece. It usually provides extra grip and leverage to get it moving again.


Using a pair of scissors to unscrew your tank is another way.  All you do is find the airflow in your tank, select the widest setting. Place one of the blades into the airflow hole. Apply a bit of pressure toward the direction of the tank to loosen and unscrewed the tank.

Vaper’s Tongue

Coffee, Menthol and Lemon are classic hacks.

Once you’re hooked onto a favourite flavour, you can get vapers tongue. You’ve been vaping daily and suddenly you just can’t taste it anymore. Your palate has gotten used to the flavour. Try to switch to a menthol e -liquid to clean up that tongue or take a bit of a slice of lemon. Another hack taken from wine tasters is by inhaling the smell of coffee, coffee grounds or beans. The strong smell shifts the receptors in your nose and brain to something foreign and different, it’ll reset your taste buds.

Cloths & Tissues

As you’re out and about, you’re carrying your mod kit which contains liquid. There will times it’ll leak or spill, especially when you are refilling your tank.  Keeping a pack of tissue will come in handy for a quick clean.  Another important thing to carry is a cleaning cloth or some wipes. Even if you have the most secure mod kit accidents still happened, you’ll still need to wipe down your box kit after before and using it.

The Vape Bag

You can use anything a plastic carrier bag, a wash bag, a zip lock bag.  Best are bags that you can seal and keep everything in one place. Imagine if your coil goes, your battery runs out, or you drop your tank and break it and you have no back up.  Having a vape bag with extras in it will ensure you’ll not caught out. Ideally, you’ll want to keep spare coils, e-liquid, an extra fully charged battery and spare tank.

Got a Tank that Leaks?

If you notice your tank is leaking, all you need to do is turn your device upside down and hold the fire button for a few seconds.  Repeat this until the excess has cleared away.  What this will do is prevent more liquid from gathering in the airflow base.

Mesh Strainers for Tank Cleaning

To give your tank a proper clean, you’ll need to use hot water.  The best way to achieve this without burning your hands. Is placing your tank into a mesh strainer allowing the hot water to do all the cleaning for you. This makes certain that your tank is getting the proper cleaning it needs.  Doing this once a month is ideal to keep your device working effectively.

Use Magnets to Hold Tiny Screws

If you’re a pro and know how to customise your vaping device.  You’ll be familiar with all the several small screws, they’re easy to drop and misplace. If you have a magnet handy, you can place the screws in one place, and they’ll be easier to manage. Whatever problem you are trying to fix you can also use a magnetised screwdriver, another handy tool to keep in your vape bag.

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