Nasty Juice Yummy Series

Nasty Juice Yummy Series

Nasty Juice does it again !!!! Back with 3 new mouth-watering flavours Yummy Series .

Nasty Juice Yummy Series was launched in February 2017. Nasty Juiced launched Trap Queen, Green Ape and Cush Man.

As soon as it landed in the UK Yummy Series had sold out in less than 24 hours just over 45 thousand bottles had gone making it the fastest selling Nasty Juice e-liquid series in the UK… Wow.. We were busy!

Cush Man

Quite simply the best Mango flavoured E- Juice in the World.  A must try flavour !!!!! Don’t miss it.

Green Ape

Experience the goodness from this mild yet flavourful apple e juice. Take a bite of an apple with Nasty Juice.

Trap Queen

Filled with ripe strawberry flavour harvested from the finest farms. Making this a strawberry-licious juice to have. Let it blow your taste buds , Give it a shot..

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