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    Caramel Cream Cookies Salts


    Nasty PodMate Caramel Cream Cookies is a silky smooth taste of delicious caramelised cream cookies with inhale tasting of cookies and the exhales leaving the sweetness of the caramel and cream in your mouth.

    Nasty Salt is Specially Formulated using the Best Ingredients, to deliver nicotine faster.


    Lychee Salts


    Nasty PodMate Lychee Salts is a Fragrant and well-rounded taste combining the sweet and sourness of a real lychee to give you a perfect lychee vape.


    Mango Ice Salts


    Nasty PodMate Mango Ice Salt is a cool and refreshing mango flavour that takes like a slushy Mango. Mango Ice is the Perfect vape for a summers day to hit the spot with this refreshing flavour.

    Nasty Salt is Specially Formulated using the Best Ingredients, to deliver nicotine faster.


    Menthol Tobacco Salts


    Nasty PodMate Menthol Tobacco Salts is Tobacco flavour with a nice, cool sensation of menthol with subtle hints of sweetness for the perfect Tobacco and menthol hit.


    Peach Lemonade Salts


    Nasty PodMate Peach Lemonade Salt is a refreshing combination of peach and lemonade. the Inhale is a ripe sweet peach and the exhale is a refreshing lemonade.


    Red Apple Salts


    Nasty PodMate Red Apple Salt actually Tastes of sweet red apples, fresh from the orchard. The flavour is juicy and has a light crispness to it. overall Red Apple is a delicious vape and is quite refreshing.


    Red Rage Salts


    Nasty PodMate Red Rage Salt is a classic Energy drink flavour cool and refreshing. it will give your senses a buzz with our specially brewed, mind-blowing flavour.


    Strawberry Kiwi Salts


    Nasty PodMate Strawberry Kiwi Salt is a mouth watering sweet, fresh and zingy mix of Strawberry and Kiwis. Tastes amazing on a hot summers day.


    Vanilla Cuban Salts


    Nasty PodMate Vanilla Cuban Salt is a A rich and flavourful vanilla Cuban cigar with cured tobacco for a creamy sweet finish. This flavour truly lives up to its name is must have for all Tobacco flavour vapers.