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    Banana Moo Shake


    Banana Moo Shake 50ML by Nasty Juice is a fresh ripened sweet bananas blended with milk bringing you a rich creamy Banana smoothie taste, which will truly make you go bananas.

  • Berry Moo Shake

    Berry Moo Shake


    Berry Moo Shake 50Ml by Nasty Juice  which is a blend of freshly plucked sweet ripened berries merged together with smooth fresh milk to give you that sweet delicious all day vape.

  • Moo Shake Matcha

    Matcha Moo Shake


    Matcha Moo Shake is a delightful green tea milkshake topped with fresh cream. The most noticeable flavor notes to consider for matcha is how smooth the balance of flavors feels in the mouth.