Nasty PodMate

Nasty PodMate Salts are part of our ENDS range, and is created by former smokers. Our mission is to develop and deliver a continuously improving ecosystem of solutions that come with the ever evolving needs of smokers and vapers.

Nasty Podmate Salts is a specially formulated Salt Nicotine solution that’s calibrated for optimised flavour and performance with all leading Pod and low wattage devices.

Podmate Salts are available in both 10 mg and 20 mg nicotine strengths, across all twelve flavours.

Our new generation Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) e-liquids are developed to deliver optimised performance and smoking cessation efficiency, whilst retaining the premium flavour and satisfying the nicotine crave.

Nasty PodMate flavours are also available without Nicotine and available in 50 ml bottles, known as Nasty ModMate.

Same Flavour, Replica rolex, Same Taste, Nicotine Free!

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