Nasty Juice Multipacks

In April 2017 Nasty Juice successfully launched Nasty Juice Multipacks. Nasty Juice Multipack is a TPD Compliant E-liquid and is sold in a multi-pack of 5 x 10ml bottles. So each Pack contains 5 x 10 ml bottles with your choice of pre filled Nicotine. Nasty Juice Multipacks is available in three nicotine strengths 0mg, 3mg and 6mg, and strictly in 10ml bottles, making us fully compliant throughout Europe Nasty Juice Multipacks have all been registered with the MHRA and has a unique ID for anyone to search and check compliance.

The Full Nasty Juice line-up was released into the Nasty Juice Multipacks including all three series, The Fruity Series which consists of the original Fatboy, Bad Blood and Devils Teeth. The Double Fruity Series consists of Wicked Haze, Slow Blow and Asap Grape. The Yummy Fruity Series consists of Trap Queen, Grape Ape and Cush Man. Each nicotine strength is available in a 5 x 10ml multipack, which comes uniquely packaged in a metal tin which has a signature design to it.

Each flavour is unique, and you will not find the same flavour or quality with any other brand, that’s thanks to our experts in the lab, who work meticulously to ensure vapers will always love our flavours and the quality is never comprised.

All of our Nasty Juice Multipacks are a part of our signature low mint collection. The mint is so low that you won’t be able to tell that there is low mint. The low mint is to make the liquid seems fresh every time you take a vape, so you never get bored and most importantly it makes our liquid very tasty and flavourful when inhaled.

All our signature low mint collection is available in 50ml Chubby Gorilla Bottles. Click here to try our 50ml!